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  What Is Horse Sense?
Welcome to a new world of learning
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HorseSense Fritz Hendrich: HorseSense - oder wie Alexander der Gro? erst ein Pferd und dann ein Weltreich eroberte. Drei Schritte zum Charisma der F?rung.

Das Gesellschaftswesen Mensch und das Herdentier Pferd fanden in grauer Vorzeit zueinander. Durch Jahrhunderte wuchsen dann jene, welche F?rung ?ernehmen sollten, mit ihrem Pferd auf. Es war der Erfahrungs- und Erlebnispartner f? ihre F?rungsqualit?. Mit ihm mussten sie harmonieren, wenn sie gemeinsam ?erzeugend andere f?ren wollten. Waren sie dann erfolgreich, wurden sie mit ihrem Pferd in Bronze, in Stein, auf ?bildern und Gobelins der Nachwelt ?erliefert...

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Horse Sense and HorseDream

HorseDream Exclusive

Horse Sense Ariana Strozzi Ariana Strozzi: Horse Sense for the Leader Within. Are You Leading Your Life or is it Leading You?

Ariana shares her years of experience and defines the universal principles of horsemanship and leadership. She reinforces the notion that leadership begins with the "Self" we are and that living a meaningful life is grounded in being connected to the natural world. She is a seasoned teacher of horse-human relationship, a zoologist, a Master Somatic Coach, and has trained horses for over 35 years.

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Integral learning with horses is one of the most effective team building activities you'll ever experience. 

Through a dynamic and interactive approach, our HorseDream team program "To Reach a Goal Together" has proven to be the most exciting learning for teams.

Stories: Equine Aha! Experience
Comments on HorseDream Videos


Why horses? Because horse-sense means common-sense.

It's about developing your leadership consciousness. It's about true willingness versus compliance: Leadership isn't just about getting people from one place to the other. Leadership is about how we lead, how we are perceived, how we are received - are we aware of our body language, our attitude and our tone of voice. Our approach reflects those qualities, the language a horse understands. A horse shows us what we truly need to do to inspire and lead people.

It's about understanding how to inspire people: Everything means something, nothing means nothing. Communication is not only about what we say but also about how we say it. A horse cares nothing about your title or position only how much you care. Power is not an option, earn the authority to lead and your effort is rewarded.

It's about finding comfort in being able to face  each other with trust and respect: The exercise "Face to Face with Horses" has an immediate impact on your awareness. The horse will react to you exactly as you present yourself, reflecting your  leadership style, how it's perceived and received.

It's about creating the desire to be partners: Looking at communication from another's perspective can initiate profound change in one day. Looking at processes and process management from an integral perspective will open horizons.

It's about focus; acting and reacting with total awareness: The exercise "Distance and Nearness" is about the importance of integrity and trust through open, honest communication. It's about team spirit, it's about collaboration, joy, fun, and self development in your place of business. It's about experiencing success as well as "success behind success", as Fred Kofman puts it in  "Conscious Business".

Horse Sense and the Human Heart McCormick Adele Von Rust McCormick, Marlena Deborah McCormick: Horse Sense and the Human Heart: What Horses Can Teach Us About Trust, Bonding, Creativity and Spirituality

From Library Journal
Horses can teach us about trust and love and be part of a therapeutic healing process for troubled humans. The authors, both practicing psychotherapists, use horses in their treatment program with mentally disturbed patients, who often bond with their equine companions even when they are unable to relate to other people. The McCormicks explain how horses, quick to sense pretense, force people to rely on their instincts and to be honest with themselves. But riding is only a part of the authors' treatment program. Their clients establish close relationships with the animals by feeding and grooming them, cleaning their stalls and equipment, observing them at work and play, and learning about the long history of humanity's interaction with the horse. The healing process begins when clients learn to relate first to horses and then to their therapists. This is a fascinating book, though its appeal may be limited to those with an interest in psychotherapy or in the therapeutic use of animals. Recommended where interest warrants.?Deborah Emerson, Monroe Community Coll. Lib., Rochester, N.Y.
Copyright 1997 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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Horse Sense Wyatt Webb Wyatt Webb: What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do. Common Horse Sense

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Horse Sense Chris Irwin Chris Irwin, Bob Weber: Dancing with Your Dark Horse. How Horse Sense Helps Us Find Balance, Strength and Wisdom

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Horse Sense for People Monty Roberts Monty Roberts: Horse Sense for People. The Man Who Listens to Horses Talks to People

Monty Roberts, famous horse whisperer and author of Horse Sense for People, believes that "No-one has the right to say 'You must or I will hurt you' to any other creature, animal or human". He has long practised his creed of "non-violence, respect and choice" in his work with horses using a method he calls "Join-Up" described in his earlier book The Man who Listens to Horses. In Horse Sense for People he explains, through a series of carefully drawn parallels, how Join-Up applies to human beings. It is a system of behaviour management based on two-way communication, mutual respect and positive reinforcement of good behaviour. He rejects spurs, whips and other forms of compulsion for horses and their equivalent for human beings. Roberts and his wife Pat have helped to bring up 47 foster children--as well as three of their Own--on their thoroughbred horse farm in California.
Under chapter headings such as "Trust", "Against Violence" and "The Good Parent" he tells stories and details case studies based on the remedial work he does with--often deeply troubled--human beings. Take the mother who had been home-educating her five daughters and beating them almost daily. She suddenly realised that something was very wrong in her life and approached Roberts for help. Or Peter--"damaged goods" and "with enough baggage for a 40 year old, let alone a boy of fourteen"--the delinquent son of criminal parents who came to Roberts for jockey training.

Roberts is a wise man. And he writes beautifully with a knack of expressing profound truths in language so spare that you don't quite absorb the enormity of what he has said unless you stop and ponder. "Genius lies in the simplest things in life", he says and "Fear is the antecedent of violence; ignorance is the antecedent of fear". His inspiring but practical book should be compulsory reading for any human being who has responsibility for, and power over, others. --Susan Elkin

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Horse Sense For Stable Minds Erwin G. Walth Erwin G. Walth: Horse Sense for Stable Minds: Humorous Grains of Thought to Sustain You Through Life

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Horse Sense Vernon Schmid Vernon Schmid: Houlihans and Horse Sense

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Hor5se Sense Al Ries and Jack Trout Al Ries, Jack Trout: Horse Sense. How to Pull Ahead on the Business Track (Plume)

Lehrbuch f? Trittbrettfahrer
, 14. M?z 2004

Von  Winfried Berner (Mitterfels)   

Kernthema des Buches ist Self-Marketing - der Untertitel "The Key to Success Is Finding A Horse to Ride" ist eine pr?nante Zusammenfassung des Inhalts. Gemeint ist damit, dass man nicht so t?icht sein solle, den Erfolg aus sich selbst heraus (also aus eigener Kraft, mit eigenen Ideen etc.) anzustreben, sondern dass man sich ein "Horse" (eine Idee, ein Produkt, einen Menschen) suchen solle, auf das man setzen bzw. an das/den man sich h?gen solle. Die 230 Seiten werden damit gef?lt, dass der Reihe nach alle m?lichen "Horses" diskutiert und auf ihre Erfolgsaussichten bewertet werden. Was langwierig und - von einigen Highlights abgesehen - wenig erhellend ist.

In der Reihenfolge steigender Erfolgsaussichten werden genannt:

* The Company Horse (out, war fr?er mal)
* The Product Horse
* The Idea Horse
* The Other-Person Horse
* The Partner Horse
* The Spouse Horse
* The Family Horse

Relativ gut und n?zlich ist Kapitel 8 ?er das "Idea Horse", insbesondere die Regeln zum Erkennen einer guten Idee:

1. Is it first?
2. Is it bold?
3. Is it obvious?
4. Is it simple?
5. Will it upset the Apple cart?
6. Is the idea timely?

Danach schreiben Ries und Trout noch ?er "Changing Horses", "There Are No Second Acts" - recht interessante ?erlegungen zu der These, dass und warum zweite Versuche, ein Unternehmen aufzubauen, in aller Regel scheitern - und "Excuses, Excuses".

Dennoch: Insgesamt reicht "Horse Sense" nicht ann?ernd an das ?erragende "Positioning" heran; es erscheint eher als der Versuch, Letzteres als das "Horse to Ride" auszuschlachten.

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HORSE SENSE Bonnie Bryant Bonnie Bryant: Horse Sense (Saddle Club)

From School Library Journal
Grade 4-6-- Close friends Lisa, Stevie, and Carole share a passion for horses. During the summer that Carole monitors the mare Delilah's pregnancy, Stevie is charged with inventing gymkhana events and Lisa decides to write formal rules for their saddle club. Their preoccupations cause separation pangs among the friends until Delilah's foaling proves that, acting as one, they are a winning team. The vet congratulates the girls for a successful delivery, but none of the standbys cuts the umbilical cord or accounts for the afterbirth. More plausible than Ann Sheldon's "Linda Craig" series (Archway), the "Saddle Club" still lacks originality. Steer readers to Dryden's Riding Home (Bantam, 1988), which adds stepsister conflict, or Hall's Ride a Dark Horse (Morrow, 1987), which blends horsemanship and mystery. --Patricia G. Harrington, Phoenix Public Library
Copyright 1989 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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Horse Sense Jan Neubert Schultz Jan Neubert Schultz: Horse Sense: The Story of Will Sasse, His Horse Star, and the Outlaw Jesse James

From Publishers Weekly
Based on a slice of family history one of the author's ancestors had his horse stolen by the James-Younger gang after the 1876 Northfield, Minn., bank raid this fast-paced novel offers crackling adventure in a colorful period setting. Fourteen-year-old Will thinks there's more to life than farming, but his stern father disparages Will's plan to breed fine riding and driving horses: "You haven't got enough horse sense to even think of raising horses!" At a livestock auction, Will meets some strangers, one of whom counsels, "A man's got to go after what he wants. Can't worry about other folks." Unaware that his new acquaintance is the notorious Jesse James, Will invites him and his brother, Frank, to visit, in hopes he can breed Star, his mare, with Jesse's fine stallion. Will gets his wish, but a week later is caught in the middle of a deadly bank robbery, after which Star is stolen by the fleeing outlaws. Will joins the posse, only to be offered a "life of adventure" by Jesse James (Will doesn't take long to announce that he prefers "law and order"). Schultz makes up for somewhat simplistic characterizations with her descriptive prose ("It got so quiet Will thought the bacon might stop sizzling, too"). The ably woven themes of thorny family relationships, horse lore and the outlaws' nefarious exploits make this a satisfying read. Ages 9-12.

Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc.

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Horse Sense Geoffrey Brooke Geoffrey Brooke: Horse-Sense and Horsemanship of Today: Economy and Method in Training Hunters and Polo Ponies

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Horse Sense and Bird Houses Amos Moses Terry Amos Moses Terry: Horse Sense and Birdhouses

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Horse Sense Willo Creek Press Willow Creek Press: Horse Sense

There is just as much horse sense in the world as ever, but the horses have most of it.

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Horses and Horse Sense James Blakely James Blakely: Horses and Horse Sense. The Practical Science of Horse Husbandry

A down-to-earth book on the study of horses which includes information on over 50 breeds, history and evolution of the horse, and horse husbandry. Topics include reproduction and genetics, nutritional requirements, parasite identification, how to diagnose symptoms and prevent life-threatening problems, and much more.

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Common Horse Sense Fred Bursey Fred Bursey: Common Horse Sense

Fred Bursey's experience with horses started at age eight, working in a commercial pony ring. From age nine until college he worked on a large ranch near San Angelo on the South Concho River. All during grade school and high school he worked in the stables located in Fort Worth's Trinity Park. While working at Beasley's Stable, the owner, Dock Beasley noticed Fred's particular interest in horses and horse training. Fred was fortunate to study under the watchful eye of this world famous trainer. He was also a showman and show ring judge of the five gated American Bred Saddle Horse and the Standard Bred three gated roadster. During all of his college and high school years, Fred broke and trained horses. Before he completed high school, he bought and paid for 176 acres of land. Fred has had constant and continuing association with horses most of his life. He has been a ranch owner and manager since 1938. Fred does not claim the methods discussed in this book to be the only methods, but after more than 70 years of experience, they have served him well. He believes the best training is accomplished with love, trust, equine psychology and dominance rather than fear, pain and punishment. The chapters are short, to the point and easy to understand. They are written for the professional, as well as the new horse owner.

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Horse Senses Beth Gruber Pets Point of View Beth Gruber: Horse Sense (Pet's Point of View)

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Horse Sense and Nonsense Cindy Hale Cindy Hale, Jean Abernethy: Horse Sense and Nonsense: A Survival Guide for Horse Lovers

If your horse's neighs and whinnies are sounding suspiciously like snickers and you're spending too much time looking up at your horse from flat on your back in the field, have no fear - "Horse Sense and Nonsense" is here to help! It will be your guide to learning the lingo, dressing the part, and dealing with everything from a spooked horse to a top-heavy muck cart. So dust off your boots, toss aside the tack, and sit back with this hay-larious guide to owning a horse. Before you know it, you'll be letting out a hearty "yeehaw!".

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Horese Sense Henry Blake Henry Blake: Horse Sense

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Georgianne Nienaber: Horse Sense

Carlos Dega, insurance investigator, has an extraordinary job. His clients are expensive horses. Unfortunately, most of them are dead. A former Olympic dressage rider, Carlos is brought into a swirl of intrigue, deaths, and beautiful women. With the help of fiery Minneapolis Assistant District Attorney Susan Lindstrom, Carlos is quickly tracking criminals who would harm beautiful animals for personal profit. There are plenty of thrills and trails that lead nowhere but trouble. A cast of unforgettable characters races through mayhem straight to a devastating and surprising conclusion. Horse Sense will jump-start your heart and you won't want to put it down until the final page is finished. "The authors really know their horses. This is a horse-lovers book, a real thriller that has opened my eyes to fraud in the high stakes world of championship horses."-Mark Fazlollah, Staff Reporter, The Philadelphia Inquirer

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Horse Sense Australia New Zealand


Peter Huntington, Jane Myers, Elizabeth Owens: Horse Sense: The Guide to Horse Care in Australia and New Zealand

 "Horse Sense" provides an in-depth guide to horse husbandry under conditions unique to Australia and New Zealand. It is written in an easy-to-read style to appeal to novices as well as experienced owners and covers all aspects of horse care and management. This new edition provides the latest information on new feeds and supplements; new techniques for gently breaking in young horses; handling difficult horses; safe riding; and treating injuries, diseases, worms and other pests.

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Horse Sense Websites    

Horse Assisted Education to wi?ej ni? szkolenie umiej?no?ci.

Obecno??koni i zwi?zany z tym poziom ?wiadomo?ci, percepcji i wra?liwo?ci powoduje, ?e rozwijany obszar integrowany jest na poziomie jednostki, grupy, spo?eczno?ci i ?wiata. Horse Assisted Education w praktyce umo?liwia to o czym teoretyczne m?i?nurty integralne.

Wielowymiarowy rozw? wybranego obszaru uwzgl?niaj?c wszystkie istotne perspektywy i nie pomijaj?c ?adnej z nich.

Agata Wi?niewska
Salezego 6/141
00-391 Warszawa
tel. +48 505 526 039

horsesense_nikki_kagan_anat_shalev http://www.horsesense.co.il

HorseSense, a sister company of Kagan Management Resources, is an Israeli based consulting firm with a successful track record for enhancing personal and group performance.

HorseSense is about exploring self-awareness, communication, collaboration, leading and managing with the help of horses. It's also about trust and self-confidence, applying sound judgement, practical knowledge, and common sense when handling challenging personal and professional situations.

Nikki Kagan


HorseSense is a three minute radio program airing weekdays to provide practical advice for current and potential horse owners.

Each week, host Don Wick interviews experts on equine behavior, health, nutrition and care to improve life for horse and owner.

Horse Sense
1407 24th Avenue South, Grand Forks, ND 58201

Aha! HorseSense Teambuilding http://www.horsesenseteambuilding.com

Christina Haxton, MA, LMFT
Aha! HorseSense TeamBuilding
11863 Spring Rd., Ste. 11B
Conifer, CO 80433
Phone: (303) 816-0294
Fax: (303) 816-9601


Forest Ranch Equestrian Center is an Internet-based, worldwide equestrian location service. Whether it is that special horse you have been looking for, or just about anything else equestrian, you can find it here!

Forest Ranch Equestrian Center
P. O. Box 818
Forest Ranch, CA 95942
(530) 894-0446

Horsesenses and More http://www.horsesenseandmore.com

Horse Information and Guidance from a true horse lover.

Having a First horse is a wonderful experience, but starting out can be intimidating. I have owned horses for over 19 years and I would like to share my experience and knowledge with anyone interested in learning more about horses.

Thats why I have written the Guide to Owning Your First Horse. In the Guide to Owning Your First Horse I will show you exactly what you need to do to find, select, prepare, and care for your horse. I will give you an easy-step-by-step process that is easy for anyone to follow.



Horse people will love Horse Sense-a whimsical look at horse care. But anyone with a sense of humor will chuckle at the delightful illustrations of horses and their humans. Put one in your office, one in your kitchen and one in your barn.


Jessica Jahiel's HORSE-SENSE Newsletter is a free, subscriber-supported electronic Q&A newsletter which deals with all aspects of horses, their management, riding, and training. Since 1820995, Jessica Jahiel, award-winning author, clinician, and lecturer, has been writing 8-12 articles a month based on questions from subscribers. Over 1415 articles are currently indexed and searchable in our newsletter archives.

horsesense training and coaching http://www.horsesense-training.de

Erkennen und verbessern Sie Ihr pers?liches Potential.
Lernen Sie Ihre individuellen Erfolgsfaktoren einzusetzen.
Unsere Seminare bef?igen Sie:
- sich Ihrer Potentiale bewusster zu werden,
- diese zielgerichtet und erfolgreich einzusetzen,
- Ihre Kommunikationsf?igkeiten auszuweiten,
- Ihre Wahrnehmung zu sch?fen und selbstbewusster zu agieren,
- zur pers?lichen Standortbestimmung durch Abgleich von Selbst- und Fremdbild


Welcome to Horse Sense.
On the following pages you'll find loads of fantastic horses, ponies and accessories!


Horse Sense of the Carolinas, Inc. offers mental health and life skills building services to individuals by working with horses who themselves often come from difficult and challenging backgrounds. Horse Sense of the Carolinas, Inc. embraces the unique opportunities of each individual, encouraging personal growth, discovery, and healing through the horse and human relationship.


Horse Sense is a fully interactive online equestrian publication for the South African equestrian enthusiast. Establishing itself as the premium equestrian website and bi-weekly e-zine in South Africa, Horse Sense provides quality content and an interactive element presenting South Africa with its most comprehensive equestrian resource.



Horse Sense programs combine familiar concepts and models, leading edge leadership wisdom and hands-on experience with horses to provide a truly innovative leading edge experience with breakthrough learning and unprecedented results.


More than a few years ago, Ken and Lisa had the unlikely good fortune to run into each other in the rugged Sawtooth Wilderness of Washington where both had packed into the high country with their horses. It was the beginning of a friendship that led years later to the formation of MountainHorseSense, dedicated to producing horses that excel on mountain trails. Between us we had owned Arabs, Morgans, Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, Appys and Tennessee Walkers, and used all of them in the mountains. From years and miles of experience we knew the necessary qualities we were looking for in a mountain horse and for sheer comfort and ground covering ability, we decided to focus on breeding and training gaited horses.


Trusted experts in the effective application of Chinese herbal medicine for horses. Formulated from ancient traditional practice and made with only the highest quality, human-grade herbs. Free from side-effects, contains no chemicals or animal products, completely safe and easy to use.

Over 150 formulas developed for a wide range of ailments, including common problems such as:
? lameness ? injuries in tendons and bones ? colic ? stamina and vitality ? infertility ? allergies and skin ? respiratory stress ? worm and parasite infestation.


Horse Sense programs combine familiar concepts and models, leading edge leadership wisdom and hands-on experience with horses to provide a truly innovative leading edge experience with breakthrough learning and unprecedented results.



An online horse ownership simulation/strategy game.
Buy, own, care for, train and compete your own virtual horses.
Over 50 breeds to choose from.
Compete in showing, dressage, eventing, show jumping, racing and endurance.
A game for all ages!


We offer a wide line of english and western tack, grooming supplies, supplements, medical supplies, Buckeye Nutrition and Nutrena Feed. We also carry t-shirts, English schooling and show clothes, Ariat boots, Durango Boots, Smoky Mountain boots for men, women and children.


Horse Sense and Sensitivity, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides facilities and support for therapeutic and educational services for physically and mentally challenged children and adults in the Jacksonville area. Through the use of equine assisted therapy and hippotherapy, horses are used to provide physical and occupational therapy through a wide variety of activities.


We are a husband & wife team with over 20 years combined experience working with horses.
We are based on a 200 acre property at South Head.
Only 20 minutes from the end of Highway 16

horse sense coaching ulrike schmid


Was ist Horse Sense Coaching?
>Horsesense< entlehnt aus dem Englischen, hei? ?ersetzt "gesunder Menschenverstand", ein Synonym, das zur freien Assoziation einl?t. Horse Sense Coaching beabsichtigt eine gezielte Interaktion zwischen Mensch und Pferd. Diese Form der Begegnung intendiert einen ma?eschneiderten Benefit f? F?rungskr?te und deren Mitarbeiter in Unternehmen verschiedenster Art. Die Quintessenz resultiert aus dem Aufeinandertreffen zwischen Mensch-Tier-Natur und wird f? eine sanfte Bewusstwerdung der Zusammenh?ge menschlich individuellen Handelns gen?zt. Pers?lichkeitstraining in seiner nat?lichsten Form!


Learn more, do more, get more out of your relationship with your horse.
In today's equine world, a solid understanding of training principles, health care, and horse behavior are essential to be successful with your horse. Our videos are made with the goal of helping you get more out of your relationship with your horse.


Workshops and Seminars in
Leadership - Teamwork - Communication - Power
Human Development through Working With Horses


The ultimate shopping experience.

Horsesense, Solihull Riding Club, Four Ashes Road, Bentley Heath B93 8QE
Tel: 01564 778899 Fax: 01564 730236 E-mail:info@horsesense.co.uk


Pferde sehen die Welt anders als wir.
F? Pferde riecht die Welt anders als f? uns.
Pferde verst?digen sich anders als wir.
Pferde denken anders als wir.
Pferde leben anders als wir.
Entdecken Sie mit uns diese besondere Welt der Pferde! Sie werden die Pferde besser verstehen und legen damit den Grundstein f? ein harmonisches Miteinander von Mensch und Pferd.


Ich verbringe meine Freizeit seit dem Alter von 6 oder 7 Jahren mehr oder weniger regelm?ig mit Pferden. Es gab Zeiten, da spielten sie eine weniger gro? Rolle, und es gab Zeiten, da waren sie t?lich in meinem Programm. Ich habe auf Ponyh?en gejobbt, als Sch?erin Reiturlaube auf dem Bauernhof gemacht, viele ?Pflegepferde? betreut, ich war ?erall anzutreffen, wo man f? wenig bis gar kein Geld an Pferde rankam...


Our programs offers participants an experiential learning environment as a significant way to help create positive change for personal growth and development through Equine
Guided Education. We are a stand for helping adolescents develop self-confidence, increase their awareness of the larger world around them and expand their sense of possibility. Classes
offered year round, weekday and weekend sessions available.


Tasmania's Online Horse Community







Cowboy Music, a living tradition in the American West, is recognized and appreciated world-wide. The songs, stories and poems of the West are the specialty of Justin Bishop and Nancy Bray, professionally known as Horse Sense. Audiences from Asia to Africa, all over North and South America and Europe, as well delight in their lively, authentic performances and appreciate the sense of history they present along with the entertainment.

A Horse Sense show is not merely a concert of music, but truly a cultural experience ... even cross-cultural, with Justin's repertoire of Southwestern songs sung in Spanish and Nancy's expertise in New Mexico-style fiddling. Such traditional old ballads as "The Streets of Laredo" and "The Strawberry Roan," along with lilting lyric songs like "I Ride An Old Paint" gain new life with Justin's and Nancy's personalized presentation. Material from the Horse Sense stable of time-worn favorites, as well as originals, paints a vivid picture of the West, past and present. 

Horse Sense Movie and TV
USA 1991

Women with or without Horse Sense

Bethany R. Cary
USA 1991, 4:34

EMAF 1990
Tour: 1990/1991
im Verleih: ja / in distribution: yes
distribution@emaf.de // Tel: 00 49 / (0)541 / 2 16 58

U-matic, 4:34, col., USA 1991. Regie, Kamera, Script, Editing & Sound: Bethany R. Cary.

Women with or without Horse Sense zeigt bestimmte Pers?lichkeiten, die durch die Metapher des Pferdes auf ihre patriarchalische Gesellschaft reagieren.

Women with or without Horse Sense demonstrates certain personalities reacting through the metaphor of the horse to their patriarchial society.

USA 1999

Director: Greg Beeman
Writers (WGA): Chad Hayes & Carey Hayes
Release Date: 20 November 1999 (USA)

A spoiled boy named Michael Woods invites his cousin Tommy Biggs to come and spend time with him in L.A. Tommy is thrilled to see his cousin after years of not seeing each other. When Tommy arrives in L.A. Michael ignores Tommy the whole time and makes him feel unwelcome. Then, the housekeeper has a talk with Michael about ignoring Tommy and Michael says he will take Tommy to Disneyland and they would have a good time. On their way to Disneyland his girlfriend Gina, who is a total drama queen and a snob calls him and asks him if he wants to come see her and her father at the racetrack. Michael says yes and takes Tommy to a Kiddie Zone so Michael could go to the racetrack. On the way back to get Tommy, Michael gets in a car accident and writes down the wrong information to the victim. Michael and Tommy get into an argument when Michael gets home and Tommy leaves the next day. Tommy's mother calls Michael's parents to tell him how rude Michael was to Tommy. Then, Michael's parents punish him by sending him to Tommy and his aunt's ranch to work for a month for free. Michael then learns that the ranch is going to be foreclosed at the end of the month, so Michael and Tommy put their differences aside and work together to save the ranch from foreclosure. Michael also learns a valuable lesson about loyalty and love. Written by mountain91

USA 2005


Horse Sense

Episode Number: 8   
Season Num: 1   
First Aired: Friday November 4, 2005

Farrah's plan to flirt with the landlord to keep their company's rent low falls apart when she finds out that he retired and he has been replaced by his daughter. Meanwhile, Alan realizes he is allergic to Lee's new little horse, Tinkerbell, and confronts Lee about sending the horse to live on a farm.

Twins" is The WB's latest comedy installment. The series revolves around two twin sisters, Mitchee (Sara Gilbert) and Farrah (Molly Stanton), who are complete opposites.
Their parents, Alan (Mark Linn-Baker) and Lee (Melanie Griffith), have decided it is time to pass down their business to their daughters.
Mitchee resembles her dad, as she is smart and determined. Farrah is most like her mom; beautiful but not so bright. However, besides their differences, they will have to join forces to keep the business running.
"Twins" comes from the creators of the hit comedy "Will & Grace". The series premieres Friday, September 16 at 8:30/7:30c only on The WB network.